STX to supply lithium with South American partners49th Seoul Independent Film Festival aims to encourage indie filmmakers working in tough times신당 추진 이준석 ‘천아용인’과 회동…김용태 “작전 이해 간다”야당, 노란봉투·방송3법 강행…여당, 필리버스터 예고KDI slashes 2024 growth to 2.2%尹 대통령 “새마을정신 되새겨 혁신과 창의로 뭉쳐야”‘험지 출마’ 압박받는 장제원, 4200명 운집 산악회로 세 과시Jeju female divers 'haenyeo' listed as FAO agricultural heritage systemBass Youn KwangKorea Artist Prize returns after overhaul Seoul shares open nearly flat despite US gains Negotiating members of Indo 전문가 “북 중거리미사일 고체연료엔진, 러시아 기술 가능성” Samsung family pays tribute to late founder SK Telecom CEO shows confidence in AI Woman faces prosecution after demanding marriage from V S. Korean shares snap 3 윤희숙 "20여년 억대 연봉 송영길이 돈 없다? 못된 버릇 때문" Network error grinds government network to halt, restoration still in progress Surf's up: Enhypen enjoys the ride with 'Orange Blood' Global asset firms flock to Jeonju to woo pension giant Hyundai Motor becomes first brand to sell cars on Amazon 'Fuerza Bruta Wayra' returns to Seoul Seoul shares open lower on US economic data Global Kimchi Day declared PM envisions Busan World Expo's role in sharing 'rise from ashes' experience Snow crabs join bargain for crustaceans Suneung difficulty rekindles 'killer question' controversy Seventeen’s Dino to release first solo mixtape ‘Wait’ this month Resale tickets for League of Legends World Championship go up to 3 million won